Speak Out Against Gun Violence

A heavy , sad ,heart goes out to all those families of the victims in Texas as We watch in horror the cruel assassination of these children .I beg our government and lobbies to please stop the handing of guns to shoot our children and innocent victims. There is an insane killing spree going on and no decent human being can allow this to continue anymore. Tears of blood as we stand by the families of all……  this massacre is a travesty and the greatest shame for our nation.

While our hearts break for the victims in recent shootings, we can still make a difference by advocating for common sense gun laws in America. Speak out using the resources below!

Find your federal, state and local lawmakers here.

Tips for speaking with your representatives and their staff:

  • Be courteous
  • Let them know how they represent you (city, legislative district, etc.)
  • Make the issue personal by telling them a story about how you are affected by this issue
  • Demand prompt action!

Keep using your voice, Warrior Queens. Find more in our Action Kit!

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