Announcing Our Expanded Action Kit

We want to help you bring out the Warrior Queen who exists in you, and we’ve expanded our Action Kit to support you! Many of us have been told to be quiet when what we need is to use our voice, to be meek when we should be bold and determined, to isolate when we should find sisterhood, and to give in when resilience is called for. Our Action Kit will help you build skills to be your strongest best self. 

We’ve organized the Action Kit according to the Rani’s story. Take inspiration from her journey as a girl without money or powerful parents who grew up, married the Maharaja of Jhansi under British colonial rule, and found her strength along the way. She was expected to be in the kitchen, and yet she taught herself how to use firearms, ride a horse and entered into discussions to learn of the relationship between her country and the British. She became a virangana, fighting for her community and people in spite of the expectations she was under. The Action Kit provides her story alongside exclusive storyboards from the movie, The Warrior Queen of Jhansi. 

The Rani was up against the most powerful army in the world. The movie inspires mainstream audiences with a real-life AAPI heroine on the big screen. Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi, India is an inspiration in many ways, but mostly because she did what she believed was right in the face of corporate power play, greed and colonialism. Her legacy fueled India’s independence nearly 100 years later, garnering credit from Prime Minister Narendra Modi at this year’s 75th anniversary of Indian independence. 

In the modern era, every day Asian American and Pacific Islander women and girls bravely define themselves through their voice, determination, boldness, fierceness and sisterhood. Like you, these women are Warrior Queens. Whether you are an essential worker, caring for children or family, defying racist stereotypes or breaking glass ceilings, the Warrior Queen Project exists to support you. AAPI women lead their communities and families, and our status as leaders should reflect the Warrior Queens within us all. 

You deserve the tools, mantras and reflections that will help you stand tall as the strong, fierce woman you are. Whether you follow the Rani’s story first before diving into the exercises in this Action Kit, or if you start with boldness rather than voice, this Action Kit is your opportunity to work on the aspects of being a Warrior Queen that you choose. Each quality is one you deserve to cultivate in your own life. 

Whatever your own battles in this modern era, you are a Warrior Queen. This fierce side of ourselves isn’t always encouraged, and that’s why the Warrior Queen Project is so important: Not only uplifting women and girls like you, but providing tools for the self-work and community support that leads Warrior Queens to thrive.

Other Warrior Queens will want to hear from you on your journey, too. Share your strength by sending the Action Kit to a friend, or by posting your mantra on social media. Find sisterhood with the other women finding strength through the Warrior Queen Project and send us a DM on Instagram with your progress. 

We want to support you on your journey to unveiling your own Warrior Queen spirit. While we have been inspired by the Rani of Jhansi, there are other Warrior Queens in history whose stories we’ve shared here. This Action Kit will reinforce the best qualities you can take from Asian and Pacific Islander women who have risen up against all odds to make an impact. 

The Rani was driven by hunger, curiosity, perseverance, and fortitude! She was a trail blazer who set her own rules, and lived by them against all odds of what girls were meant to do, or be.

We believe you have everything within you to be as outspoken, bold, determined, and resilient for your sisterhood and community as these inspirations from the past. Take freely the encouragement and guidance of our Action Kit to define yourself as a Warrior Queen.

Download the updated and expanded Action Kit now! 


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  • Gita Joshi

    Congratulations to the Warrior Queen & being an inspiration to hundreds of women who are homemakers. From a simple house wife to taking up a social cause of starting an NGO in India called Make A Wish, foundation of India, in helping children with all kinds of life threatening illnesses & making their dreams come true. Hoping to take the cause further by helping more & more children. For that we need funds too. Thanks

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