Gun Reform Now

This is tiny #WarriorQueen Miah Cerrillo.
This is exactly who the high and mighty who hide behind the second amendment and do not want change affects. Thoughts and prayers are empty without any type of changes at all.
Do you want the next generation to learn that when a shooter comes, you should smear your classmates’ blood on you—is this the new toolkit for elementary school?
The pro-second amendment senators only care about power and staying in power, not enacting real change.
Why are we beholden to a policy from the 1700s which is essentially the Stone Ages? Imagine not modifying something based on technological changes—how is a military-grade weapon under the same rules as a musket, which was more of a TOOL than a weapon? 1776 was a time when we were at war, things are different now—why aren’t we changing?
We seem to be more vested in the rights of those who make guns and sell guns than the rights of children! Think again for all those who oppose passing a bill in the Senate to control the ownership of assault weapons. Would these very people feel the same if these murdered children were their children???? Empathy needs action! Not just words. Change the law!

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