We inspire Asian and Pacific Islander women and girls to embolden the fierce Warrior Queen within themselves

We inspire Asian and Pacific Islander women and girls to embolden the fierce warrior queen within themselves.

Warrior Queen, (noun): A woman who defines herself.

Inspired by the Hollywood biopic of the legendary Warrior Queen of Jhansi comes a movement to unleash the Warrior Queen in all Asian and Pacific Islander women and girls.

The Warrior Queen Project tells the true stories of AAPI Warrior Queens past and present. By celebrating how we display Warrior Queen values in our modern lives, we empower each other to create the change necessary for a more inclusive and equitable society.

Our use of “women” is open, expansive, and trans-inclusive.

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  • Free resources such as our action kits for Warrior Queens and their supporters, which provides tools and strategies to empower ourselves and our communities
  • Events such as conferences and panels to bring together a community of empowered AAPI women and their allies

The Warrior Queen Project Inc. (“WQP”) is a New York charitable not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to provide resources and support to members of the AAPI community as well as other charitable organizations that empower women, particularly in the AAPI community. WQP is a public charity under Sec. 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.  

Inspired by the Warrior Queen of Jhansi, Swati is dedicated to empowering the warrior queen in all.

Meet our founder,
Swati Bhise

Inspired by the Warrior Queen
of Jhansi, Swati is dedicated
to empowering the Warrior
Queen in all.

Our Founder

Every one of us can be a Warrior Queen –– or support her.

When we share how we embody the values of loyalty, courage, determination, resilience, compassion we empower other API women and girls to connect to their own inner Warrior Queen.

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How the Rani of Jhansi broke social expectations

When the Rani of Jhansi was born Manikarnika on November 19, 1828, no one could guess the number of expectations she would eventually come to break. The country was occupied by the British, and ruled by the British East India Company. Yet her father, Moropant, taught Manikarika to ride and …

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WQP (Claudia Chan)

Claudia Chan on Transforming Culture through Transforming People (Part 1)

On this episode of the Warrior Queen Podcast, guest Claudia Chan, women’s empowerment and leadership expert, and social entrepreneur, is interviewed by Rinarisa DeFronze, who sits in for host Swati Bhise. The author of How We Rise and founder of the SHE Summit, Claudia shares her story from growing up …

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Announcing Our Expanded Action Kit

We want to help you bring out the Warrior Queen who exists in you, and we’ve expanded our Action Kit to support you! Many of us have been told to be quiet when what we need is to use our voice, to be meek when we should be bold and …

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Sivagami “Shiva” Subbaraman (Warrior Queen Podcast)

Episode 19: Sivagami “Shiva” Subbaraman on Bringing Together Who We Are (Part 2)

Welcome back to The Warrior Queen Podcast for Part 2 of the conversation between Swati Bhise and Sivagami “Shiva” Subbaraman. The episode begins with Swati Bhise expressing that it is okay to have a chosen family that is different than your blood relatives. The pair speak about South Asian Society …

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Swati Bhise At NYU Medical Center

Breast Cancer Reveals Your Warrior Queen

I had fought many health battles already by the time I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2022. While making the movie The Warrior Queen of Jhansi, I’d fallen ill with swine influenza on the last day of the shoot in the Moroccan cold desert! I pushed so hard …

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Sivagami “Shiva” Subbaraman (Warrior Queen Podcast)

Sivagami “Shiva” Subbaraman on Bringing Together Who We Are (Part 1)

This week on the Warrior Queen Podcast, Swati Bhise speaks with Sivagami “shiva” Subbaraman. Shiva was the Founding Director of the LGBTQ Center and Executive Director of the Women’s Center from 2008 to 2021 and is now an Adjunct Faculty member and Lead Advisor in Performing Arts at Georgetown University. …

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Michelle C. Wang (Warrior Queen Project)

Michelle C. Wang on Buddhist Art & Silk Road Studies

 In this, the 17th episode of The Warrior Queen Podcast, Swati Bhise interviews Michelle C. Wang. As First Vice Chair of Georgetown’s Main Campus Executive Faculty, Michelle is a leading expert in Chinese, Buddhist, and Silk Road art. The interview begins with Professor Wang describing her family’s history and …

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Diverse Raised Fists

Channeling the Virangana in Modern Life

The Virangana are brave, or warrior, women. When Prime Minister Narendra Modi credited these women for sparking India’s independence movement, he opened a window into history that is rarely given its due. Much like Warrior Queens of the past, we all must soldier through our lives doing the most we …

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Inviting You To Take The Pledge

Inviting you to take the pledge

Here at the Warrior Queen Project, we’re working to inspire AAPI women and girls to embolden the Warrior Queen within themselves. And our movement isn’t limited to those who identify as Asian American or Pacific Islanders – We encourage allies to join us and welcome everyone to learn more about …

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Era Ray (Warrior Queen Podcast)

Episode 16: Era Ray: The Beauty of Community

In this episode, Joe Kenny speaks with Era Ray, who is currently the Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives at Estée Lauder and the co-founder of SALUTE (South Asian Ladies Unite to Empower). Era begins the conversation by sharing with Joe her history in the consulting sector for consumers and retail, …

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Get inspired by the
Rani Laxmi Bai with the movie
that started the movement.

The Warrior Queen of Jhansi