Empowering and celebrating AAPI women

Empowering & Celebrating

The Warrior Queen Project has always been about empowering Asian and Pacific Islander women and girls to embolden the fierce Warrior Queen within themselves. We draw our inspiration from our founder Mrs. Swati Bhise’s award-winning biopic of Rani Iaxmibai, the Warrior Queen of Jhansi – a film that has won the Vancouver International Women in Film Festival and the prestigious “Re-Frame Stamp” for demonstrating gender parity.

To honor Rani Iaxmibai’s legacy, we’re dedicated to telling the true stories of AAPI Warrior Queens past and present.

When we share how we embody the values of loyalty, courage, determination, resilience, and compassion, we empower each other to create the change necessary for a more inclusive and equitable society.

Every one of us can be a Warrior Queen – or be an ally and support her.

There’s a secret trend in Hollywood that perpetuates a constructed stereotype for AAPI women to be seen as gawky, quirky, and unalluring.

But AAPI women define themselves – so we’re hosting a social media campaign that provides a space for them to do just that. This week, we’re featuring Cat Powell-Hoffmann, a single mother and accomplished artist.

Send us your glamour shot and what makes you a Warrior Queen to be featured!

We’re excited to let you know that our podcast is now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! Our latest episode features stories from chef and restaurateur Anita Trehan about travel, food, and reinventing yourself along with your business. Born in New Delhi, Anita currently lives in New York where she runs an authentic Indian restaurant called Chaiwali.

She and Swati Bhise discuss the unique elements of Indian cuisine, cooking as a medium of self-expression, and why women are the center of the family. Finally, Anita shares an in-depth description of what being a Warrior Queen means to her.

How to be an ally to AAPI women who are Warrior Queens: 

Because of racist stereotypes about AAPI – especially AAPI women – you may not know that Warrior Queens need allies. But AAPI women need you to stand up as a supporter of our efforts towards equity. It may seem like an overwhelming task, but the Warrior Queen Project exists to support you while you support the Warrior Queens in your life. (Read more…)

The American Healthcare System Relies on Asian Women

At the same time AAPI women are facing the brunt of anti-Asian violence as a result of Covid-19, we also make the American healthcare system run. Our value to ensuring the health of our fellow Americans amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars. If we want our country to recognize that value––just in the healthcare sector––we must start by seeing how incredible we are ourselves. (Read more…)

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