#AsianIsBeauty: Cat Powell-Hoffmann


There is a secret trend in Hollywood that perpetuates a constructed stereotype for Indian and Asian women to be seen as quirky, gawky, and unalluring. To be blunt, the depiction of beautiful Asian women in film and television is simply undesirable to the casting community.

To fight this undisclosed notion, we are hosting a social media campaign featuring a series of portraits depicting AAPI women in their most glamorous of lights.

Today we feature Cat Powell-Hoffmann. She is a single mother and accomplished artist. We asked Cat what makes her a Warrior Queen:

I think the general consensus for warrior is strength, physical capabilities. For me, the term means compassion, resilience. Fruit flies are stronger than I am, but my heart is bigger. And in my humble opinion, having grace is more historical than winning any kind of award.


When I was born, I was surrendered to an orphanage for 13 months. The facility was overwhelmed with more orphans than staff, so makeshift bottle feeders were constructed out of pillows and blankets to satiate us. One nurse commented in my adoption paperwork, “She is a clever little child. We do not have time to touch the babies unless it is for a diaper change SO this particular baby soils herself, all the time.”


As a woman of color, I have of course, experienced racism, the stereotype of subservience, and being unattractive to the mainstream audience. But ya know what? It’s because of these things that I love even harder; I try even harder to understand any kind of discrimination because it feels more foreign to me than being a minority.


I am a warrior. But so are you…even if you have to soil yourself to get noticed.

I’m a warrior because as a single mother, my priority and bliss was raising my only child into the incredible young man he is today. He is my pride but so is the fact that I’m a 49 year old woman who is now a published writer, a fine artist who has had gallery shows along the west coast, provides background vocals for a rock band, published photographer, co-host for an upcoming podcast, and fell in love. Being a warrior is timeless.

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