Inviting you to take the pledge

Inviting You To Take The Pledge

Here at the Warrior Queen Project, we’re working to inspire AAPI women and girls to embolden the Warrior Queen within themselves. And our movement isn’t limited to those who identify as Asian American or Pacific Islanders –

We encourage allies to join us and welcome everyone to learn more about empowering this community!

Together, we can more effectively take action against hate and violence, and build the infrastructure needed to improve AAPI advocacy, power, and representation across American society.

An invitation for you: take the pledge! Click here to sign your name: [SIGN ON]

As our nation continues to grow, the path forward must include us. We must identify and reward the kind of scholarship that addresses the historical and structural underpinnings of AAPI contemporary conflicts. We must take sides in ways that shine the spotlight on fairness and justice. We must incorporate the issues that affect AAPI communities into our awareness raising, governance structures, and our visions for a better future.

But it all starts with YOU. Will you join us in pledging to be a strong-minded and courageous Warrior Queen, or Warrior Queen ally?

Sign on to pledge to be a Warrior Queen or Warrior Queen Ally

Every day, we must choose to live true to ourselves. Belonging matters. A sense of identity matters.

That’s why standing up to embrace the culture and social structures of the AAPI community matters. Whether pledging as a strong member of the AAPI community or as a supportive ally, we here at the Warrior Queen Project hope that you all have the resources needed to excel at addressing systemic challenges in our nation. We put together two action kits to help strengthen your inner Warrior Queen.

Download the action kit for Warrior Queens
Download the action kit for allies

Spread the love, spread the awareness, but most importantly, spread the word. Together, we can form a unifying force of Warrior Queens ready to pursue safety, belonging, and equity for all AAPI communities.

Thank you,

Warrior Queen Project

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