#AsianIsBeauty: Lauren Chang Thompson BSN, RN

Asian Is Beauty- Lauren Chang Thompson


There is a secret trend in Hollywood that perpetuates a constructed stereotype for Indian and Asian women to be seen as quirky, gawky, and unalluring. To be blunt, the depiction of beautiful Asian women in film and television is simply undesirable to the casting community.

To fight this undisclosed notion, we are hosting a social media campaign featuring a series of portraits depicting AAPI women in their most glamorous of lights.

Today we feature Lauren Chang Thompson BSN, RN. She is a registered nurse and the daughter of Chinese immigrants. We asked Lauren what makes her a Warrior Queen:

A Warrior Queen is someone who is empathetic, compassionate and confident.

As a child of Chinese immigrants, I was born and raised between Chinatown NYC, and NJ.

I have practiced as a Registered Nurse for the last decade in multiple areas, from critical cardiac care to community/public health nursing. Positions included are multiple top “Magnet” status hospitals, home health agencies, and as a public servant to NYC in School Nursing.

For me, It’s about being able to be of service to your community. It’s about being able to bring voice to those who can’t necessarily speak for themselves. As a child of Chinese immigrants, we’ve been taught to keep our heads and eyes down as the price of being here. It’s time we reclaim our voices, and start taking up space.

I want to be a face and force of change for Asian Americans.

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