New Years Resolutions for being a Warrior Queen

Every day we have to choose to live true to ourselves. Sometimes it’s harder than others. As you plan your 2023 resolutions, Warrior Queens through history have lessons to teach us about accomplishing our stated goals. 

When Rani Laxmi Bai of Jhansi was just a girl, her father taught her to ride horses and fight. He thought it was important that his child, regardless of gender, have a well-rounded education for the time. This education in defying social norms that held her back was crucial to the Rani’s influence later in her life. 

As queen, the Rani made many decisions that led her to be the Warrior Queen we remember today. When she couldn’t conceive a child with Gangadhar Rao, Maharaja of Jhansi, she chose to adopt one to continue their royal lineage. When Gangadhar Rao died, Rani Laxmi Bai chose to forego traditional widowhood, choosing to fight to lead her people against British colonial rule rather than retreat into obscurity. 

Rani Laxmi Bai didn’t just decide to be a warrior one day and then became it. She needed to make many brave decisions in support of her desire to lead her people. For your resolutions this new year, start by deciding what you want to achieve and then work on your mindset so you can make the decisions necessary to succeed. Try these exercises from our Action Kit to inspire your inner-Warrior Queen. 

Find your voice

You must use your voice to accomplish your goals. You do not need permission from anyone to use your voice. It can be scary to speak up, though. Use tools like writing & list-making to confront your fears about speaking up. These look like wanting to remember facts right, or solidifying an opinion. Then voice your truth first in a safe zone & then in a larger arena. These small steps will help you speak up more often in support of your resolutions. 

Be determined 

You’ll likely face hurdles when you set out to achieve your goals. Determine your own path and how you’ll get to your destination. It will look different for you than it does for others. In those moments of doubt, practice a personal mantra such as, “I am allowed to go wrong as they are my choices so I’m fine with the consequences as I will nurture myself through them.”

Act boldly

To change our habits or to do big things, we must act boldly. Our world is counting on you to attempt impossible things. When you find yourself at a point when you have to choose the bold act, remind yourself that, “I will not stoop, bend, simper, or lower my eyes in supplication as then you will not see the fire, intelligence, grit and ability of my being.”

Seek sisterhood

Become a woman who builds a foundation of sisterhood as we are stronger together. Having close friends and advisors around you keeps your perspective broad. To cultivate a strong sisterhood, you should call upon these traits: 

  • Empathy 
  • Closing the ranks to support each other in an upward journey 
  • Advocating for gender parity 
  • Kindness 
  • Sharing your knowledge, as rotating knowledge is key to personal growth 
  • Awakening the coiled energy within each woman 
  • Teaching a fellow sister how to get stronger 

Keep resilient

There are many ways to stay resilient through your journey. Even if you are determined and bold, you may fail along the way. The ability to overcome adversity and to be able to use the pain and hurt to reshape, recoil and readapt with time to become even stronger. To keep moving against adversity. Learning one’s ability to heal. Making time for new learning’s consciously to expand one’s emotional and intellectual potential. These are all ways you can demonstrate resilience in pursuing your goals. 

Every warrior queen we feature through the Warrior Queen Project needed to resolve to take action. Many times these queens saw injustice or inequality and they decided to make change. It wasn’t one resolution to change and then it happened––it was many resolutions over many events and months. Your resolutions for 2023 demand you think like a warrior. Make small decisions consistently that lead you to your goals. You just have to decide to start. 

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