#AsianIsBeauty: Victoria Li

There is a secret trend in Hollywood that perpetuates a constructed stereotype for Indian and Asian women to be seen as quirky, gawky, and unalluring. To be blunt, the depiction of beautiful Asian women in film and television is simply undesirable to the casting community.

To fight this undisclosed notion, we are hosting a social media campaign featuring a series of portraits depicting AAPI women in their most glamorous of lights.

Today we feature Victoria Li. She is competing in the Miss Chinese Chicago pageant in August after overcoming her own fears. We asked Victoria what makes her a Warrior Queen:

      I don’t let my past define me. While most pageants would disqualify me because I’m married and over 26 years old, I applied to the Miss Chinese Chicago pageant because the pageant was willing to break barriers and uplift Chinese women to be leaders in the community. We have already volunteered with several non profits in Chicago! Through the pageant experience (the event will be held on August 27 in Chicago!), I have become more body positive. As an Asian American woman, culture and stereotypes expect us to be thin and I didn’t align with those standards. While I struggle with those challenges (and still do), I don’t let them define me and am excited to promote body positivity as a Miss Chinese Chicago contestant and during the bikini fitness portion of the pageant!

This photo is from her photoshoot for the Miss Chinese Chicago pageant which will be held this August, taken by John Ng.

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