#AsianIsBeauty: Rebecca Chen

Rebecca Chen, a beautiful Asian Warrior Queen, models by voguing at the camera in a red strapless gown
Photo credit: evan wiley smith, @evnwlysmth on Instagram


There is a secret trend in Hollywood that perpetuates a constructed stereotype for Indian and Asian women to be seen as quirky, gawky, and unalluring. To be blunt, the depiction of beautiful Asian women in film and television is simply undesirable to the casting community.

To fight this undisclosed notion, we are hosting a social media campaign featuring a series of portraits depicting AAPI women in their most glamorous of lights.

Our first feature is Rebecca Chen of Washington, D.C. Rebecca works in immigration, helping newly arrived families find a home in the United States. She also models on the side! We asked Rebecca what makes her a Warrior Queen:

A Warrior Queen carries infinity within her. Her limitlessness transcends biology. It’s the gift inherited from Queens before her, walking with her, and for those who rise after her. For me, it’s about working in immigration so that generations of new families can thrive in the US and leave their children in better hands. It’s about fiercely championing for animal rights and elevating their intrinsic value as living sentient beings who desire peace and companionship as much as humans do. It’s about stepping in front of a camera to make art for art’s sake without apology. There is so much to conquer and reclaim as an Asian American woman in the US and this is only the beginning.

To submit your own #AsianIsBeauty glamour shot, please send us a DM on Instagram @WarriorQueenProject!

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