Michelle C. Wang on Buddhist Art & Silk Road Studies

Michelle C. Wang (Warrior Queen Project)

In this, the 17th episode of The Warrior Queen Podcast, Swati Bhise interviews Michelle C. Wang. As First Vice Chair of Georgetown’s Main Campus Executive Faculty, Michelle is a leading expert in Chinese, Buddhist, and Silk Road art. The interview begins with Professor Wang describing her family’s history and cultural journey, both which laid the foundation for her accolade filled career. After hearing that both of Professor Wang’s parents are of Roman Catholic Faith, Swati inquires as to how Michelle’s fascination with Buddhist Art & Mandalas developed. Michelle responds with in-depth insight into her academic history at University of Chicago, University of California, and Harvard. She continues to describe her research into Buddhist Steles, Donors, and how she best teaches these topics in an academic setting. Finally, Professor Wang describes the significance of the findings of Aurel Stein, desert excavations, and how the history of these oasis societies can provide insight into the study of climate change.

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